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You story meets technology

Merzigo is a cutting-edge tech company that has developed proprietary digital tools to provide a range of innovative services to broadcasters, producers and distributors. Our pioneering approach to channel creation and management is increasingly of interest in the international marketplace and we are now helping numerous leading entertainment brands to grow their AVOD business, finding them new audiences and increasing revenue streams.

Whether it’s new markets coming online for the first time, or mature audiences looking for new ways to experience familiar content, there are vast swathes of untapped customers out there, chomping at the bit to consume everything you have to offer. The Merzigo Platform combines human insight with (machine learning) to ensure every item in your catalogue is connected with anyone ready to engage.


Accessing New Markets

Calling on Merzigo’s years of experience, and our encyclopaedic knowledge of global media markets, you’ll re-energise your entire back catalogue whilst ensuring you find every available audience for all your future investments.

Meeting New Demands

YouTube has fundamentally changed the way content is consumed. We track and analyze the endless ways in which your assets are already being demanded, and intelligently re-engineer everything you can supply to satisfy massively untapped demand.

Driving Revenue Growth

New audiences breathe new life into your entire catalogue.  Merzigo offer a flexible content monetization service, managing an intricate content distribution process to deliver guaranteed revenue from assets you may feel have already done everything they can do.


We are a band of makers, industrious and experimental. We are architects, designers, creators, and entrepreneurs